About CTI

About CTI

The Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) is a pioneering research and development network initiated by pharma that uses an open innovation model to bring great ideas to fruition. Part of Pfizer, we are an entrepreneurial group that partners with leading academic medical centers and disease foundations with the aim of translating promising science into clinical candidates. 

Our work is based on authentic collaboration, reflected in shared decision making and aligned incentives. We are committed to bringing together cutting-edge academic and industry resources to develop medicines faster and more efficiently. 

With locations in Massachusetts, New York and California, our facilities are conveniently located on or near academic campuses, allowing our partners to work closely with Pfizer scientists to translate research ideas into clinical applications, with the ultimate goal of moving a therapeutic hypothesis through Proof-of-Mechanism (PoM) in humans. 

Through CTI, Pfizer is transforming the traditional model of drug discovery.  By departing from the historical pharma model of R&D, we are working to solve key challenges – namely the high cost and substantial time investment – of drug discovery.  CTI is rewiring the R&D ecosystem to offer new, targeted therapies to patients living with disease. 


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