Academic Medical Centers

Academic Medical Centers

At CTI, we offer funding and resources to principal investigators and post-docs at academic medical centers to continue development and research on a promising therapeutic or hypothesis.

In the large-molecule arena, our unique collaboration model allows us to jointly discover and develop therapeutic candidates from early research through Proof-of-Mechanism (PoM) in humans. Our partners are given unprecedented access to Pfizer’s world-class antibody library and technologies, and offered flexibility to conduct agile research. In the small-molecule arena, our partners are presented with the opportunity to access Pfizer’s small-molecule libraries and draw upon the company’s extensive chemistry expertise.

Throughout the year, we issue a call for proposals to academic medical centers for projects. Each project is overseen by a joint steering committee (JSC) comprised equally of Pfizer scientists and partner-appointed academics to evaluate the success of the program and whether milestones are appropriately met. Incentives are aligned with joint intellectual property and ownership, broad rights to publication, and milestone payments and royalties for successful programs.

In October 2010, we announced our first partnership with the University of California, San Francisco; today, we have over 30 leading academic medical centers in our network.

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